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Hi. My name is Sarah and I'm a selfie addict.


Woah that felt really good to say. So glad I could get that out in the open.


It's a problem I've been dealing with for a long time.

I selfie everywhere...

In the car.

Home alone.

In the shower. (this website is private right?)

Out with friends.

At work.


About a year and a half ago, I wanted a way to selfie at parties. With my friends. Because I didn't want to be the only one anymore.

So I asked my Dad, who we lovingly refer to as Tony Stark (cause he basically is Ironman), to build me the ultimate selfie machine. Being the incredible father (and super smarty pants) that he is, he fed my addiction, and together we designed The PicShare Booth.


Since the birth of The Booth, the problem has been getting worse, and spreading to my friends and family--even my kids. AND I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED.


Now I get to manage the ultimate selfie machine and share it with all of you cool people. And sometimes just set it up in my living room for my own enjoyment. #yup


Lucky for me, I have Tony Stark on my team to make the booth super awesome. And of course his super cool wife Pepper (aka Mom) to help with all the boring stuff (thanks Mom, we love you!).

the Starks

The Starks

Sarah P

VP of Operations

aka SP, Twerks, Perki

Mark aka

Tony Stark

VP of Development

aka Dad. Papa, Marky Mark

Cindy aka Pepper Potts

Financial Director

aka Mom, Ma, Grammie, Cin

Makes sure PicShare Booth love is being spread across the world.


Powered by SPARK!



Special skills include: duck facing, baking, twerking, and singing (all at the same time).


Business book-a-holic


Spends her free time teaching her kids the art of the selfie. #coolmom



The brains behind the booth.


Speaks only in code <a href = "we_dont_understand_anything_he_says"></a>


Builds hexacopters in his free time #whatsahexacopter


Loves getting dirty on his ATV and then taking it apart and rebuilding it.


Learned everything he knows from books. #readmorebookskids


The voice of reason.


Has mastered the art of saying "no we don't need that"


Keeps everything on track and on schedule.


Loves sewing, crafting and baking.


Incapable of taking a selfie without making a crazy face. #westillloveher #likemotherlikedaughter


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